Biogen Scientific was established in Jakarta based on Notarial Deed No. Aswendi Kamuli, SH No.7 dated June 4, 2004, and under Article 3 that the Company’s business activities are general trading, namely the trading of medical equipment and laboratory equipment.

The Company is domiciled in Jakarta, located at Rukan Tanjung Mas Raya Block B1 No.21, Tanjung Barat, South Jakarta.

During the work in the world of health and laboratory, PT. Biogen Scientific grows aggressively by continuing to make various breakthrough steps that deliver the company as the largest distributor of health equipment and laboratory equipment in Indonesia.

Biogen Scientific has the motto “we serve you better” that the company is committed to providing the best service.

Vision and Mision

Vision and Mission is a strategic formulation of the company that will collect all the potential in the company to work seriously and focus and keep moving forward towards shared ideals.


Supports the improvement of human and environmental quality of life.


  1. Being a distributor of health equipment, laboratory equipment that is reliable and believable.
  2. Be the best choice partner for Principals and Customers.
  3. Having a professional human resources


A Good Team of Team Sales and Marketing, Team Support & Management

  • Smart and Hard Work
  • Strong Motivation and Discipline
  • Sense of Belonging of The Company
  • Togetherness in the Team of Biogen
  • Biogen Pride as A Team, etc.

Core Value

Companies adhere to moral values and passion that motivate the creation of a healthy and competitive work climate.  The company’s important values are consistently executed and full of commitment, aims to lead the company to the achievement of optimal performance.


Company Core Values:

  1. Service Excellent
  2. Integrity
  3. High performance
  4. Cooperation
  5. Innovation

1. Service Excellent

  Every human Biogen always builds, maintains trust, and satisfies customer needs.

2. Integrity

  Every human Biogen always uphold honesty in interacting with all employees and stakeholders.

3. High Performance

  Every human Biogen always develop themselves to improve better performance.

4. Cooperation

  Every human Biogen always prioritizes solid teamwork in a pleasant working environment to achieve the Company’s goals.

5. Innovation

Every Biogen person always produces new creative ideas and applies them to produce new innovations or solutions that benefit the Company.