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For over 145 years, Leica Biosystems has been the global leader in microtomy. Our reliable and

precise microtomes are designed to provide high quality sections, resulting in outstanding uptime.

With our family of clinical rotary microtomes and years of experience, we bring the

ART OF SECTIONING to your laboratory.

Quick and Easy Cleaning within Seconds

• The antistatic waste tray increases efficiency by shortening cleaning time from

minutes to seconds, and reduces contamination to the operator/environment by

effectively collecting and containing waste.

Your Complete Solution to Microtomy

• Keep your lab running smoothly with a complete line of high and low profile

blades, cleaners and other accessories.

• The HistoCore PERMA S slide printing solution generates permanently

printed slides at any microtome workstation, providing improved

workflow and helps reduce errors in patient labeling.

Maximize User Comfort and Efficiency

• The only personalized clinical rotary microtomes to improve your comfort by adapting

the coarse feed wheel direction to your personal preference, and in an ergonomic

position close to the user. This results in helping reduce fatigue while trimming.

• The unique force balance system handles block sizes from biopsy to Super Cassette

size, eliminating the risk of injury by an unbalanced object head.

Designed for High Quality IHC Sections

• Produce high quality paraffin sections for H&E, IHC and molecular techniques.

• Specimen cooling option allows for the block temperature to stay colder longer

using the electrically cooled RM CoolClamp for standard cassettes, especially

when sectioning multiple sections for IHC or serial sections.

Introducing our complete line of Clinical Microtomes, designed with the user in mind.

We are committed to providing consistent quality and enhanced efficiency, while

maintaining a safe and healthy workplace.

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