Tips for superior performance

The Tarsons range of Pipette Tips have

been designed using medical grade

resin that will provide researchers with

exceptional liquid handling


Our range of standard tips

outperforms competitive tips in the

areas of release and retention. Thinner

walls and nely tapered ends provide

better accuracy.

Tarsons Pipette Tips brings to you the

highest level of liquid handling

control and performance, with the

combination of innovative resin

chemistry and injection molding


Our portfolio of tips include the

standard tips, MAXIPENSETM tips - low

retention, and the lter tips that

provide complete protection from

aerosols. Every tip is certied to meet

the industry's highest standards for

molding precision and clarity, and are

certied free of detectable RNase,

DNase and Pyrogen.

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  • Date14/06/2021
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