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Leakproof Guarantee

Tarsons bottles and closures are

designed with a strong and

semi-buttress thread design. We

oer a leakproof guarantee as we

manufacture and test both

components routinely as part of our

quality inspection process. Tarsons

closures come with no liner that

wears or corrodes, or causes


High Quality Resin

The Tarsons range of bottles &

carboys are made from the highest

quality resin that meet medical

grade standards. Our resins are

selected to minimize additives and

reduce potential leachables.

We don’t use plasticizers or llers,

thus creating a safe storage space

for your valuable samples.

Shatter-proof Safe

Plastics contain lower concentra-

tions of trace elements extractables

than glass and are less likely to

break. Tarsons containers amplify

this advantage, creating rugged

containers that assure you the

protection you expect for your

valuable work.

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  • Date14/06/2021
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