Viral Nucleic Acid Kit
High quality DNA/RNA applied to PCR, DNA Cloning, NGS and etc.

Easy operation, rapid extraction 

Only one step washing Semi-automatic, 9 min to results Extract once and get DNA and RNA meanwhile, meeting your needs for multiple index detection. 



500uL(Isolation Reagent I) + 4uL(Magnetic Beads Solution) + 15uL( Proteinase K), mix into Working Solution]. 

500 L (Working Solution] + 2004L sample, mix well, lyse at 55°C for 4 min, absorbed by magnetic separator for 1 min, and discard the supernatant. 


add 600 L [Isolation Reagent II), mix well, absorbed by magnetic separator for 1min, and discard the supernatant


add 50-100L [Elution Buffer], elute at 80°C for 2 min, absorbed by magnetic separator for 30s, reserve the supernatant. 

Suitable for different situatio

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  • Date14/06/2021
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