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New and Improved Sub-Cell® Systems

Whether you are running precious PCR samples, or performing RFLP analysis or any other

application requiring nucleic acid separation, Bio-Rad has a solution. The Mini-Sub® cell GT,

wide Mini-Sub cell GT, and Sub-Cell GT cell models have been redesigned for even easier

electrophoresis and more intuitive experiment setup.

■ Easy to clean — patent-pending QuickSnap electrodes are easy to remove, simplifying cleaning

■ Leakproof — new electrode design prevents buffer leaks from the base

■ Flexible design — UV-transparent gel trays, combs, and other accessories are compatible with

both new and old models

■ Easy lid removal — longer tabs on the base prevent incorrect lid positioning and also enable

easy removal of the lid, reducing buffer spillage

■ Intuitive setup — a printed arrow on the side of the base indicates the direction of the run and

ensures proper gel orientation

■ Gel casting — multiple options are available for hand casting of different gel sizes

■ Time savings and gel reproducibility — the new Mini-Sub cell GT and wide Mini-Sub cell GT

cells accommodate ReadyAgaroseTM precast gels

Bio-Rad is your one-stop shop for everything electrophoresis.

For more information, visit us at www.bio-rad.com/horizontalelectro.

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  • Date13/06/2021
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