Leica DM4 & DM6
Powerful Upright Microscope Solutions for Life Science and Clinical Applications

Simplify your workflow

The Leica DM4 B and DM6 B utilize intelligent automation and

integrated work flow based software to provide users an easy-to-use

imaging system that is suitable for individual or multi-user laboratories.

Speed up your application performance

Time is short. Speed up with our next generation of upright micro-

scopes. The ability to effectively use larger camera chips effectively

plus our new Specimen Overview tool for faster orientation on your

sample saves valuable time during research.

Stay ahead with flexibility

The Leica DM4 B and DM6 B allows you to build the microscope that

fits your need and budget. Whether selecting LED illumination, contrast

techniques, or automation you are able optimize your imaging system

to your application.

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  • Date13/06/2021
  • CategoriesLeica Microsystems
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