Leica DM IL LED system overview

Transmitted-light illuminator

– 5 watt LED illumination

– Automatic adjustment of illumination

to the contrast methods

– “Auto-off“ function

– Illuminated on/off switch

– LED with service life of 50,000 hours

– Constant color temperatures, transmitted-light fi lter

Phase contrast

– For all magnifi cation levels between 5x and 63x

– For all Leica DM IL LED condensers

– No installation or adjustment required

Integrated Modulation Contrast (IMC)

– For all magnifi cation levels between 10x and 40x

– No special objectives required

– For all Leica DM IL LED condensers


– Slider with three fi lter cubes with stray-light suppression

– Simultaneous use with transmitted-light contrasting

– Integrated shutter

– Fiber optic coupling (Leica EL6000)

– 50 W/100 W Hg illumination, fl uorescence LED illumination

(Leica SFL100)

Cost-effective and effi cient

– Low energy costs

– No lamp replacement required

– Objectives and eyepieces are compatible

with the research stands

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  • Date13/06/2021
  • CategoriesLeica Microsystems
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