FastPrep-24 5G, Benchtop Homogenizer
October 18, 2018
FastDNA SPIN Kit for Soil
October 18, 2018
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The FastDNA™ SPIN Kit, an updated version of the well-known FastDNA™ Kit, is used with any FastPrep® Instrument to lyse and subsequently isolate DNA from up to 200 mg of almost any sample in less than 30 minutes. Features: Isolation of genomic DNA from plants, animals, bacteria, yeast, algae, and fungi using a silica spin fi lter method: Rapid and reproducible sample lysis with the FastPrep®-24 or FastPrep® FP120 Instrument, Lyse and isolate DNA in less than 30 minutes from a variety of sample types, Flexible format eliminates need for separate DNA isolation kits, No hazardous organic reagents required, SPIN Filters are included to streamLine silica handling.
Sample Type (General): Bacteria, Buccal Samples, Cells, Tissue, Yeast

Sample Type : Plants; Animal Tissues; Feces; Yeast; Bacteria (Gram +/-); Fungi; Spores; Wastewater; Food; Seeds; Roots
Components : Lysing Matrix A 100 2.0 mL tubes, 1/4 Ceramic Spheres 100 spheres, Binding Matrix 66 mL, Concentrated SEWS-M 12 mL, DES 25 mL, CLS-VF 90 mL, PPS 25 mL, CLS-TC 110 mL, CLS-Y 110 mL, SPIN Modules 100 each, Catch Tubes 100 each.
Product Size: 100 preps
Katalog : 116540600

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