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PT. Biogen Scientific was established in Jakarta based on Notarial Deed No. Aswendi Kamuli, SH No.7 dated June 4, 2004, and under Article 3 that the Company's business activities are general trading, namely the trading of medical equipment and laboratory equipment.

The Company is domiciled in Jakarta, located at Rukan Tanjung Mas Raya Block B1 No.21, Tanjung Barat, South Jakarta.

During the work in the world of health and laboratory, PT. Biogen Scientific grows aggressively by continuing to make various breakthrough steps that deliver the company as the largest distributor of health equipment and laboratory equipment in Indonesia.

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Our team is made up of highly experienced professionals fully committed to providing a high quality and creative Client focused service that can add value to a Clients business.


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As a medical equipment and equipment Laboratory distributors, this time PT. Biogen Scientific single handedly colaborate with Leica-German Products, Agdia-USA. And also as an agent for Elitech-Wescor-USA Products, MPBio (Research) -USA, Simport- USA, Citotest-China, DLab-USA, and Tarsons-India.

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We provide various product models in direct collaboration with the best service providers. Check our latest products below

DLAB Spectrophotometer
Will be added in the future

Will be added in the future

  • PriceRp 5,000,000
  • Date23/06/2021
  • CategoriesDragonlab - DLAB
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DLAB Thermal Control
Will be added in the future

Will be added in the future

  • PriceRp 1
  • Date23/06/2021
  • CategoriesDragonlab - DLAB
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Engineered to make simple

Description will be added later

  • PriceRp 1
  • Date14/06/2021
  • CategoriesAgdia
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Tips for superior performance

The Tarsons range of Pipette Tips have

been designed using medical grade

resin that will provide researchers with

exceptional liquid handling


Our range of standard tips

outperforms competitive tips in the

areas of release and retention. Thinner

walls and nely tapered ends provide

better accuracy.

Tarsons Pipette Tips brings to you the

highest level of liquid handling

control and performance, with the

combination of innovative resin

chemistry and injection molding


Our portfolio of tips include the

standard tips, MAXIPENSETM tips - low

retention, and the lter tips that

provide complete protection from

aerosols. Every tip is certied to meet

the industry's highest standards for

molding precision and clarity, and are

certied free of detectable RNase,

DNase and Pyrogen.

  • PriceRp 1
  • Date14/06/2021
  • CategoriesTarsons
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Centrifudge Tubes
uniquely designed tubes created to improve your laboratory experience

Description will be added later

  • PriceRp 1
  • Date14/06/2021
  • CategoriesTarsons
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Bottles & Carboys
Bottle & Carboys you can trust

Leakproof Guarantee

Tarsons bottles and closures are

designed with a strong and

semi-buttress thread design. We

oer a leakproof guarantee as we

manufacture and test both

components routinely as part of our

quality inspection process. Tarsons

closures come with no liner that

wears or corrodes, or causes


High Quality Resin

The Tarsons range of bottles &

carboys are made from the highest

quality resin that meet medical

grade standards. Our resins are

selected to minimize additives and

reduce potential leachables.

We don’t use plasticizers or llers,

thus creating a safe storage space

for your valuable samples.

Shatter-proof Safe

Plastics contain lower concentra-

tions of trace elements extractables

than glass and are less likely to

break. Tarsons containers amplify

this advantage, creating rugged

containers that assure you the

protection you expect for your

valuable work.

  • PriceRp 1
  • Date14/06/2021
  • CategoriesTarsons
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Fisher Chemical
Coming soon

Description will be added later

  • PriceRp 1
  • Date14/06/2021
  • CategoriesFischer Scientific
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Cytocentrifuge Cytopro
Delivering superb cell recovery with trouble-free operation


Would you like to secure your settings with an

administrator password? Do you want to be

reminded to run a QC specimen?

Just program the Cytopro and the system will

remind you.


Enjoy a friendly user interface with many

innovative features at your disposal, such as

large touchscreen, language selection, help

screens, nameable and recordable programs,

and easy updates with the USB serial port.


Need to reinforce your QC management and

ensure compliance with new lab requirements?

The Cytopro series 2 memory stores critical

information including specimen ID, user ID, and

cycle operation history–all exportable via a USB


The new barcode scanner streamlines data

entry, while manual keyboard entry is still an


  • PriceRp 1
  • Date14/06/2021
  • CategoriesElitech
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Company Core Values

Companies adhere to moral values and passion that motivate the creation of a healthy and competitive work climate. The company's important values are consistently executed and full of commitment, aims to lead the company to the achievement of optimal performance.

Service Excellent

Every human Biogen always builds, maintains trust, and satisfies customer needs.


Every human Biogen always uphold honesty in interacting with all employees and stakeholders.

High Performance

Every human Biogen always develop themselves to improve better performance.


Every human Biogen always prioritizes solid teamwork in a pleasant working environment to achieve the Company's goals.


Every Biogen person always produces new creative ideas and applies them to produce new innovations or solutions that benefit the Company.


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Head Office

Rukan Tanjung Mas Raya Blok B1 No.21, Tanjung Barat, Jakarta Selatan.

Office Telephone : 021 788 333 15

Mon-Fri: 8am to 5pm

Bandung Office

Jalan Batununggal Indah Raya, Ruko No. 91, Batununggal, Bandung Kidul 40266

Office Telephone : 022 87309157

Mon-Fri: 8am to 5pm

Yogyakarta Office

Perum Kirana Lowanu Residence Ruko No. 4, Sorosutan Umbulharjo Yogyakarta 55162

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Surabaya Office

Ruko San Antonio, Blok N1-19, Pakuwon City, Surabaya 60112

Office Telephone : 031 5956909

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Medan Office

Komplek Setia Budi Estate Blok D3, Jalan Pasar 1, Tanjung Sari, Medan, Sumatera Utara 20132

Office Telephone : 061 42405153

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